The Best

I absolutely loved this B&B. My friend and I spent a weekend in Verona and were very pleased with our decision to book this as our home base. Though it is a walk from the Verona train station, it is very near the center of Verona, mere walking minutes from Piazza Bra and the Arena. Great and safe location!

The host himself is so nice! He took the time to sit with us and map out all the main sites of Verona. And the breakfast is decent. Many pastry choices. For me, the best thing ever was the American style coffee maker that Adriano has available for use. Having been without American coffee for a month or so around that time, I took full advantage of it. He even keeps the refrigerator stocked with some other items.

This B&B helped me fall in love with Verona. If I ever come back again (which I hope to do), I know where I’m staying.